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1/14/00 Steve Hodanish nws pub

On a quiet evening shift at WFO Pueblo, after numerous days of dry monotonous weather, Steve was perusing the model data over the next system coming in and made the casual statement, "Well, we will definitely get strong winds on Wednesday!" To which a fellow co-worker, who is not fond of windy weather, replied facetiously "Screw the wind!". In a sincere sounding voice Steve quickly replied, "Believe me, if I could, I would have tried by now."

2/18/00 Ray McLeod csu-atmos

Last week (this would mean December) in Prof. Rutledge's cloud physics class, the topic at hand was droplet growth by condensation. As the lecture progressed to droplet evaporation, Mr. McLeod burst forth in song...a clever rendition of a well-known Madonna song which Ray sang as "Like a Virga."

3/3/00 Dee Thompson & Tiffany Bernstein

Dee and Tiffany decided to suprise their husbands (Greg Thompson and Ben Bernstein, coupla NCAR boys) by celebrating the big holiday, weatherman's day, on February 5th. They made a special dinner with the following menu:
Chicken mammatus (chicken breasts)
Peas with hailstones (pearl onions)
Twister salad with debris (rotini pasta with bits of olives, pimentos, etc.)
NASA Twin Otter cake with icing on the wings

3/3/00 Jim Kossin csu-atmos

While watching the Super Bowl, Jim inadvertently referred to Boomer Esiason as Boomer Eliassen.

3/3/00 Ian Baker csu-atmos

Ian's son attends preschool with a girl named Rayleigh Barnard. When he saw her name on the sign-in sheet at the school, he immediately thought of Rayleigh-Benard convection.

5/11/00 Don Dazlich csu-atmos

Don Dazlich and the Wittmeyer's had their kids up to atmos during spring break. One late morning, the kids were getting restless. All of a sudden, Kelley overheard Don say, "Hey kids, you want to watch a movie?!?" Turns out he was showing them surface pressure output from the GCM.

6/7/00 Janelle & Paul Janish, Mark & Amy Askelson, Greg & Julie Stumpf, Asha Tribble, Nikki Kurkowski, Alyssa Schulter, Mark Benner

These folks participated in a "relay for life" to raise money for cancer research. Greg sent the moderator (and Co) email with some pictures they took of the event. check out this link when you have a chance and take close notice of the first picture in the upper left corner. Greg assures us that it was Janelle Janish's idea...