1/17/95 Steve Hodanish nws-melbourne

email from hodanish, describing his new house: The house is oriented N-S so I got a good view of both the west for inland t-storms and a good view to the east for waterspouts....not to mention good ventilation when the c-breeze kicks in every day in summer. All the living areas except the smaller bedrooms have weak echo regions (vaulted ceilings).

1/20/95 Peter Olsson csu-atmos

without prompting, peter's 7 year old step- daughter told scott denning that her bonus spelling word is: quasigeostrophic potential vorticity ...she pronounced it perfectly.

3/25/95 Bill Thorson csu-atmos

Franz (Steve Finley) got BURNED working in the yard last weekend. His back is BEET red. So, in the shower after lifting Steve mentioned that his back was radiating and his chest felt relatively cold in comparison. Ian Witt mentioned that there was a temperature gradient across his body and then Thorson chirps in with this beauty: "Then wind should be blowing down Steve's sides due to the temperature gradient"

4/7/95 Jason Nachamkin csu-atmos

On a chase to Texas - Jason, Greg Thompson, and David Mocko were driving thru small towns between Dalhart and Amarillo TX in the early morning. One such small town's police building still had Christmas decorations up in late March, including lights that spelled out "Season's Greetings". As they were making fun of the town for leaving its decorations up so long, Jason said, "But maybe they mean tornado chase season!"

4/28/95 Jeff Copeland csu-atmos

At bowling, the Lightning Strikes (Brent Shaw, Jeff Copeland, Chris Clarke, Mike Montgomery, John Persing, David Mocko) voted for three Tornado team members (Steve Finley, Cathy Finley, Becky Armstrong, John Knaff, Laura Knaff) for next year's league President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer. Jeff said that we "pulled a straight dryline ticket."

4/28/95 Ian Wittmeyer csu-atmos

Out of the blue on april 26, Ian sends me this email message: "happy 4th anniversary for the andover outbreak" Enough said.

5/8/95 Ian Wittmeyer csu-atmos

Ian, an avid wx channel viewer, noting the similar color schemes used on the precipitation forecast maps and the planting index, spouted off this gem when the latest planting index map was displayed: "WOW, it looks like there could be some severe tomato storms in Texas and Oklahoma, and the northeast had better watch out for those dreaded broccoli squall lines!"

5/12/95 Greg Stumpf nssl

Iwitt, Greg and some other VORTEX'ers were talking about airplanes and airshows etc. Ian mentioned to Greg that he saw a large airforce cargo plane near Clinton OK, and Greg said, "yea, those AWIPS surveillance planes fly out of Tinker" (obviously that should be AWACS). Note this is a true slip from Stumpf!!

5/22/95 Steve Hodanish nws-mlb

On the way back from working out, Ian Witt and Ho walked near a pool where two bathing beauties were sunning themselves in bikinis. Steve says, "now there are some laminar surfaces"!

5/26/95 Walt Petersen csu-atmos

Being pelted by intermittent graupel while racing across Horsetooth reservoir in a fishing boat, Walt commented that he was "charging positively".

5/26/95 Terry Schuur csu-atmos

Walt was telling Terry how wet he got in his boating expedition and Terry made a weather weenie *slip* and told Walt he needed to buy a VORTEX suit, as opposed to a GORTEX suit!

6/5/95 Don Dazlich csu-atmos

Elated that the sun was out doing it's springtime job, Don announced, "It's nice to see the atmosphere exercising it's CUP rather than it's EAULIQ!" (in CSUGCM lingo, CUP = cumulus parameterization, EAULIQ = stratoform parameterization). This, of course, comes on our first sunny day after the FCL tie of the wetest May on record.

6/5/95 Greg Stumpf nssl

Does Greg keep pictures of his girlfriend in his wallet? No. Pictures of family? Friends? His cat? No. Greg has pictures of tornados in his wallet... Thanks to Iwitt for noticing this gem.

7/3/95 Greg Thompson rap-ncar

His mother came to visit him in Longmont from the east coast. What hospitality did Greg provide? They chased a supercell from Longmont to Jackson Lake. Next they watched a storm produce a funnel at Union Reservoir, and then two days later, went to COS under the guise of visiting Garden of the Gods but secretly hoping it would clear up enough to be in great position to chase...

7/7/95 Ian Wittmeyer csu-atmos

A report on the wx channel talked about a storm that produced high winds, hail, tornadoes and flooding somewhere in the midwest. at the end of the report, ian said "boy, i guess you could say that the atmosphere hit for the cycle today."

7/21/95 Prof Dave Randall csu-atmos

Dave wrote an explanation for the CSUGCM World Wide Web homepage on why the GCM is also known as BUGS:

"As the graphic below shows, a startling number of babies have been born to members of this research project. We suspect that the NeXT machines have something to do with it. We continue to track the data in amazement, as a quasibiennial oscillation now appears to be emerging.

Our birth rate, which is clearly in conflict with sound population planning, has caused our research group to adopt the name "Randall's Rabbits." When it came time to name the GCM, the moniker "BUGS" immediately suggested itself. Members of the project who are former NASA employees have worked out that this stands for "BeaUtiful General circulation modeling System." So far, we have not been contacted by Warner Brothers attorneys."

8/11/95 Steve Hodanish nws-mlb

In a three-part classic hodanish email describing hurricane erin and it's aftermath, the following gem was found: "Pulling up the VAD profile I almost (...). 25 to 35 knot SE winds and just above 35 to 50 knot SSW winds. Holy Helicitys Batman...were in trouble!!!"

8/11/95 Hannah Wittmeyer witt daughter

Spontaneously and insistently, even after being corrected time after time by parents, calls TOMATOES, TORNADOS. Parents claim no responsibility for this at all.

8/18/95 Paul DeMott csu-atmos

Upon seeing 15-month-old Maggie's chicken-scratch "drawing" on her MagnaDoodle (composed of a whole 3 lines and one curve), he labeled the picture "Towering Cu."

8/18/95 Don Dazlich and kids csu-atmos

Commenting on Hannah Witt's 'tornado' tomatoes, Don said that when he makes juice for his kids from frozen concentrate, he stirs it hard and fast because they love to see the vortex it makes. His daughter PJ calls it 'tornado juice'.

8/18/95 nws-den

On a day this summer after a strong cap had inhibited convection, a Denver NWS discussion had the following line: `You can't get to thunderstorm heaven, if you've got too much CIN.'

8/20/95 Scott Denning csu-atmos

At a Randall group lunch for Professor Roland Stull, the conversation turned to flying, since Prof. Stull is a pilot. After a discussion on the dangers of ultra-lite planes, Scott said: "I don't know - I think flying is a little too Lagrangian for me. I think I'll keep my feet on the ground in a nice Eulerian framework."

11/3/95 David Mocko nasa-gsfc

One night last week, Mocko couldn't fall asleep one night because he was wondering what his new rain/snow thickness was there near DC.

11/3/95 Don Dazlich csu-atmos

Some people have weather related dreams for which they are nominated, if not put up on the WWW board for. Don, however, had a dream in which he weenied, AND THEN WAS NOMINATED to the WWW board. The weenie was that he got elated when a TV weatherman used the term 'flux' correctly.

11/14/95 Charlotte DeMott csu-atmos

Asked if the list moderator had seen Apollo 13:
"When they showed the scene of the space capsule entering the earth's atmosphere, I wondered how it remained so stable, since it is shaped like a piece of conical graupel, which usually oscillates and/or tumbles as it falls."

11/14/95 Steve Hodanish nws-mlb

From a recent email Ho sent to Branson: "By the way, I got the 'table of contents' the other day for the svr storms conference. I made the fatal mistake of reading it before I went to bed that night. After reading it I was so damn excited that I couldn't get to sleep!

12/1/95 David Mocko gsfc

The CAPE Crusader, Dave's '79 Buick aptly named by Matt Savoie (9-7-92) is being traded in. Says Dave, "...I prefer to say that the CAPE Crusader has reached it's equilibrium level."

12/8/95 Matthew Biddle ou-geography

Submitted this to Wx-Talk:


  • 10. "Tornadoes: Do They Suck or Do They Blow - Notes on the Classic Arguement."
  • 9. "The Wet Microburst in American Society."
  • 8. "My Doppler is Bigger - The Broadcast Media and Severe Weather Coverage in the Southern Plains."
  • 7. "Downstream Tornado Debris and the U.S. Mail: Unfair Competition?"
  • 6. "Mobile Homes as Strange Attractors: New Evidence of Mysterious Super-Adiabatic Thermodynamic Advective Processes."
  • 5. "Unauthorized Photos of Helen Hunt from the Set of TWISTER." (Poster).
  • 4. "I Fill Balloons: A Day in the Life of a NOAA GS-4."
  • 3. "Panhandle Envy: Geo-Freudian Bias in the Convective Outlook."
  • 2. "Don't Look at My Probe: Post-VORTEX Stress Disorders." (listed concurrently with American Psychoscience Colloquia).
  • 1. "We saw a REALLY big Tornado: Some Non-Quantitative Observations From VORTEX 1995."
  • 12/15/95 Colin Jones csu-atmos

    Colin and Branson were watching the Shawshank Redemption. There is a part where the main character is talking about how he wants to go spend the rest of his life at this coastal resort in mexico, and in his description he talks about how it sits on the Pacific ocean. He says something along the lines of how the Pacific Ocean is so immense and "constant", to which Colin chimed in, "Of course, everyone knows that the Pacific Ocean is not constant. It varies on a time scale of 4 to 5 years."