1/18/94 William Gray csu-atmos

Upon arriving in Mexico for a conference, Professor Gray remarked as he walked off the airplane: "Wow! I can tell that I'm not being pushed to the right as much down here!"

1/18/94 Matt Savoie, Dave Mocko, Eric Stevens csu-atmos

Savoie and Eric sent a Federal Express letter with a Fedex return to the Weather Channel requesting an autographed photo of Jeanetta Jones for Dave's suprise birthday gift. The result is an 8x10 press photo of Jeanetta and in her writing, "Happy birthday, David. Good luck with the 'chase' season. Jeanetta Jones". Matt appropriately put it in a flashy green and black marble type frame. it's in dave's office if you want to marvel.

3/25/94 Jason Nachamkin csu-atmos

Chased a dust devil on his bicycle while vacationing in Canyonlands National Park.

3/25/94 Zach Eitzen csu-atmos

In his best "Coffee Talk" voice from Saturday Night Live: "The general circulation is neither general nor a circulation. Discuss."

4/15/94 Charlotte DeMott csu-atmos

was reviewing a letter she wrote for a NASA proposal and discovered that she had written "convectional wisdom" instead of "conventional wisdom"...

4/29/94 John Waters film director

During an interview on MTV music news, he was giving a tour of his house, and in one segment he stopped in front of a bookshelf: "...and over here is a small section of severe weather disasters which I love to read about. And there's groups of people - it's almost like porno - that collect tapes of JUST TORNADOES. There's such a thing as WEATHER PORN - and I'm big on that."

5/6/94 Ian Baker, Ian Wittmeyer, Mark Branson, Kelley Wittmeyer, Chris Landsea, Darren Jackson csu-atmos

came up with a new way of giving the atmos phd qualifier: Qualifier Jeopardy! faculty would be seated as the audience and the students taking the 'exam' would be standing on the stage, hands on their buzzers. "i'll take dynamics for 400, alex." "and that's a daily double!" (faculty clap, long drawn out equation pops up on a view screen) "what is the thermal wind equation?" "that is correct!" (much clapping) "ok, i'll take planetary boundary layer for 300..."

5/27/94 steve hodanish nws-mlb

On a recent trip to Colorado, Steve was appalled to discover that the Denver Nugget's home playoff games were being shown on pay-per-view in the Denver area. He came up with this analogy: "That's like having a high risk day when the weather channel is blacked out!"

7/1/94 Mark Branson csu-atmos

when iwitt mentioned that a colleague appeared to be more cheerful today, mark replied that the person had apparently experienced a "mood fropa".

7/8/94 Matt Savoie csu-atmos

While watching "Jeopardy" on TV, the answer read "In singing, it's one step below a mezzo-soprano". Matt's question was: "What is a micro-soprano?"

7/8/94 Zach Eitzen csu-atmos

Wondered aloud if Amtrak was concerned with detrainment.

7/8/94 David Mocko csu-atmos

Related the Cotton group power structure to storm evolution. Because the Cotton group is continuing to bring in new students while the ones who have been around a while are still working for Cotton. David said that this resembles a thunderstorm with plenty of low-level inflow, but without any difluence aloft.

8/12/94 Gary Larson cartoonist

Far Side : guy fishing in a boat looks back up over his shoulder to view the sky. the clouds are shaped in words that read, "Hey! What are you lookin' at? You want trouble, buddy, you found it!"

caption :, "Understanding only German, Fritz was unaware that the clouds were becoming threatening."

8/19/94 Marcia Politovich ncar-rap

email she sent to bernstein: "CAG SP 1908 AMOS 100/131/MM00000000000000000000000000000000= Like, a cow knocked over their awos station?"

9/9/94 Ligia Bernardet csu-amtos

Office mate David Mocko asked the rest of the office if they had seen a particular episode of the TV show "Seinfeld". Ligia responded "You mean the guy who wrote our Atmospheric Chemistry book?"

9/9/94 Louie Grasso csu-amtos

Said that a hair-brush acts as an "inverse curl operator."

10/31/94 Sean Wittmeyer witt's son

ian witt was showing sean a globe and had sean point out the united states. then sean looked at south america and said, "This looks like a tornado!".

11/5/94 Eric Nelkin & friends

A post regarding the KSU/NEB a few weeks ago, sent in by Paul Janish of NSSL: Meteorology and football, huh Chris?

Fowler: Of course, the big game this week is Kansas St/Nebraska. Guys, how do you see this game?

Corso: Chris, I was just checking the NGM MOS, and I'm telling you, it's going to rain cats and dogs, which has to favor Nebraska.

James: Lee, you're forgetting the winds. I say whichever team has the wind at its back in the 2nd half will win this football game.

Fowler: Now let's get another opinion, from Norm Hitzges.

Norm: Chris, my sources tell me that the ETA model is giving positive vorticity advection at 500 mb, and I also hear that lifted indices will be in the -4 to -8 range! Do you realize that the last 14 times a game in the Great Plains was played under conditional instability with isallobaric warming and quasi- geostrophic vorticity advection, in the right rear quadrant of a jet streak, that the home team has won by an average of 17 points??? I say, GIVE THE POINTS!!!

11/5/94 Jason Nachamkin csu-atmos

At Thompson's Halloween party came dressed as a tornado, complete with lightning, multiple vortices, and debris including trees, road signs, and dust. Jason insisted that everything was "to scale". But where was the John Deere, Jason?

11/5/94 Scot Randel & Bill Cotton csu-atmos

Halloween: Scot walked into Brenda's office and saw her dressed up as a devil. So he says "I was going to dress up like an extra tropical cyclone but..." and Bill comes out of his office and adds "But you didn't want to make waves, right?"...

12/10/94 Jeff & Kathy Copeland csu-atmos

Hung on their wall at home is a beautiful, hand-made, needlepoint hurricane plotting map. Should be really useful up above Horsetooth. :)

12/10/94 Jason Nachamkin csu-atmos

mocko and jason were watching the movie "The Andromeda Strain" and it flashes a date at the bottom when the movie begins. It says April 5, 1971. Jason says "Wait, that's the day of the Xenia, OH tornado!!" Then he quickly corrects himself and says that it was really in '74.