The CSU Atmospheric Science Dept Weather Weenie board used to be a bunch of papers stuck up on Mark Branson and Ian Baker's office door from 1989 until the fall of 1991 when they moved to the simlab and it was abandoned.

Sometime in '92, the list was moved from the papers to an online mailing list and web page with the help of Ian Baker and Kelley Wittmeyer.

As of May 1995, the CSU WWW has expanded it's horizons into the vast world of the OTHER WWW - World Wide Web.

For each week there are weather weenie's nominated to the official board, a vote takes place at the end of the week. If the nominee receives more yes votes than no votes, they are placed on the WWW board. There may be cases where "executive powers" are invoked to put a nominee on the board. Ties are decided by these "powers that be".

Two Weather Weenie of the Week email lists exist. The general WWW list and the voting WWW list. The general list receives an email each week we have nominees that tells who was nominated for what and if they made the official board or not. The voting list is made up of the people who vote nominees onto the board.

If you would like to be placed on the general list, send an email to If you have a nomination for the board, do the same. At this time, the board will be updated when nominees are elected to it.