The Kinder Weenies are Weather Weenie prodigies.
Weather of their parent's design,
or just plain weenies in their own regard,
it is not known.

Unlike the Weather Weenie of the Week Official Board of Fame,
the latest entries will appear at the top of the list.

4/26/99 Nathan Thompson Rich and Daphne's son

Nathan, 21 months, has been saying "tornado video" numerous times in the day. If Rich and Daphne don't put in the Tornado Video Classics tape, he has a fit. When it is in, Nathan will point out different tornados, cars, and trees. He will also say "uh-oh" everytime something becomes debris! Daphne claims she has been forced to watch this video up the three times a day in the past couple of weeks. We question the word 'forced'.

2/15/99 Maggie DeMott Charlotte and Paul's daughter

While loading into the car before school on Monday morning, Maggie noticed the clouds, cooler temps, and winds. She says: " seems like the arctic air is coming!"
"No !", said Charlotte, "--that's really what she said!"

9/25/98 Nathan Thompson Rich and Daphne's son

Nathan, 14mos, consistantly claps and dances to the music of The Weather Channel. Says Daphne, "I guess that is what happens when your parents are both meteorologists!"

8/27/98 Erika Kopp Bernie Kopp's daughter

Bernie, Erika's dad, has been an active local SKYWARN spotter in SE Wisconsin for the last four years. His wife Eileen and daughter Erika, now 6 years old, have become resigned to his activities and are actually great supporters of his fascination with severe weather. Maybe too much so........

Last year when a tornado warning was issued via NOAA Weather Radio for a neighboring county, Erika issued her instructions for the family, "Daddy, there is a tornado outside. Me and mom are going in the basement, you hurry up and go outside."

1/26/98 Eamon Clarke Clarke son

Chris Clarke was watching the Weather Channel one morning before work. When the radar image came up, 2 1/2 year old Eamon said, "It's green. That means it's raining in Louisiana!"

11/3/97 Avery Wittmeyer Wittmeyer son

Two days after the Wx Channel lego deal, Avery tells dad, "Someday I want to do a weather forecast for you."

11/3/97 Maggie DeMott DeMott daughter

Looking out the window at the new-fallen snow:
Maggie: why did it snow a lot?
Charlotte: well, there was a big storm that came through.
Maggie: oh...and the snow is all of moisture getting out of it?
Charlotte: (too dumbfounded to reply)

11/3/97 Sean Wittmeyer Wittmeyer son

Asked his mom to come and see what he'd made with legos the other day. In wonderful detail, for legos, there was a TV camera on a moveable dolly with a cameraman, 2 sets of studio light bars and a stage area with a giant blue backdrop. "It's the Weather Channel!", exclaimed Sean.

9/15/97 David Andrew Edwards Roger Edwards' son

"A chaser is a paleontologist that digs for storms." "When I grow up, I want to be a paleontologist, a Power Ranger and a weather man!"
These two sentences were uttered by David, age 3. Because of his age, these were scrutinized by the unbelieving WWW list moderator, and they are now deemed to be accurate and the scrutiny yielded yet another kid-weenie below.

9/15/97 David Andrew Edwards Roger Edwards' son

Apparently, David was shown that green=moisture, red=temperature and black=pressure for contours on a surface map. He wanted to keep a map Roger showed him on a recent shopping trip, and balled his head off after leaving the store and realizing he had left it in the shopping cart.

9/8/97 David Andrew Edwards Roger Edwards' son

David, age 3, while looking at dad's storm photos said, "When I grow up, I'm going to jump on my flying tricycle and chase tornadoes!"

9/2/97 Maggie DeMott DeMott daughter

Charlotte had just finished cleaning the kitchen and told Maggie they had to go upstairs for her bath. Maggie's reply: "Oh mom, let's watch the Weather Channel for a while. Pleeeease, Mom. Just for a little bit?"

9/2/97 Sean Wittmeyer Wittmeyer son

Greg Stumpf noted that Sean got caught 3 times whistling Weather Channel local forecast tunes. His excuse, "Well, dad's always watching this in the morning, I can't get the songs out of my head".

8/18/97 Sean Wittmeyer Wittmeyer son

Sean got a single-use camera for use on vacation. Instead of waiting for the plane ride, or Grandma's pool, or the beach, etc, Sean had to take a picture of towering cu in the Denver cyclone on the way to DIA.

8/18/97 Maggie DeMott DeMott daughter

During a recent stroller ride, Maggie looked down while the stroller wheels were going through some water. "Contrails!", she shouted.