Aside from the official Weather Weenie of the Week Board, awards for best weenie'ism, professor weenie, etc have been given out at the end of the last few years. The exhaulted individuals have received honorary certificates.

1995 Winners

7/3/95 Greg Thompson rap-ncar
12/8/95 Matthew Biddle uoknor

Runners Up
5/12/95 Greg Stumpf nssl
5/22/95 Steve Hodanish nws-mlb
8/20/95 Scott Denning csu-atmos
11/14/95 Charlotte DeMott csu-atmos

1996 Winners

2/19/96 Greg Stumpf nssl "Tipton"
2/19/96 Mike Meyers nws-gjt "GroundHog Day Interview"
2/26/96 Ian Wittmeyer csu-atmos "Poker Chip Front"
5/20/96 Steve Hodanish nws-mlb "General Hodanish Weather Excitement"
8/27/96 David Mocko nasa-gsfc "Take My Dead Body on a Chase"

Runners Up
5/20/96 Party Attendees Witt House "Weather Weenie Gathering of the Year"
**/**/** Hannah Wittmeyer Witt daughter "Outstanding Newcomer"

1998 Winners

10/1298 Joe Terry nasa-gsfc "Left bachelor party to record day's precipitation"
Runners Up
3/23/98 Mark Branson csu-atmos "Cumulus best record misspeak"
7/20/98 Jerry Straka ou "Making fire tornados on the front porch"
10/5/98 Ray Zehr csu-cira "Hurricane maps for purusing at a CSU game"
10/26/98 Kelley Wittmeyer csu-atmos "Gave son some anvil for fever"