The Fortran mini-seminar series is a not-for-credit class for students, staff & faculty who are interested in learning Fortran at various levels, including beginner programming basics, through intermediate and advanced topics, into makefiles and concluding with running codes in parallel.

A spring 2017 class will be run! If you are interested in this class, email Kelley Branson.

Updated March 8, 2017
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2017 Seminar Schedule

All classes in the Atmospheric Science West classroom on the Foothills Campus.
Date Presenter Topic
January 25 Mark Branson Introduction: Steps for writing and compiling a fortran program, Basic syntax and structure
February 1 Mark Branson Data types and basic calculation
February 8 Mark Branson Control constructs (IF statements and blocks, DO loops, SELECT CASE statement)
February 15 Mark Branson Array concepts
February 22 Mark Branson Subroutines, Functions and Modules
March 1 Mark Branson Subroutines, Functions and Modules, continued
March 8 Mark Branson Modules continued, Kind & precision
March 15 SPRING BREAK No class
March 22 Don Dazlich File i/o including netcdf
Mar 29 Mark Branson Derived types and introduction to makefiles
April 5 Don Dazlich Optimization and debugging, numerical errors
April 12 Mark Branson Makefiles
April 19 Ross Heikes Pointers
April 26 Don & Ross Coding for multi-processor runs: parallelization, MPI, etc

2017 Class Notes