The Fortran mini-seminar series is a not-for-credit class for Atmospheric Science students, staff & faculty who are interested in learning Fortran at various levels, including beginner programming basics, through intermediate and advanced topics, into makefiles and concluding with running codes in parallel.

The spring 2014 class has ended and the notes are below. If you are interested in a future class, email Kelley Wittmeyer.

Updated May 6, 2014
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2014 Seminar Schedule

All classes in CMMAP (ATS-West) classroom.
All classes 3:30-4:30pm

Date Presenter Topic
January 29 Mark Branson Introduction: Steps for writing and compiling a fortran program, Basic syntax and structure
February 5 Mark Branson Data types and basic calculation
February 12 Mark Branson Control constructs (IF statements and blocks, DO loops, SELECT CASE statement)
February 19 Mark Branson Array concepts
February 26 Mark Branson Subroutines, Functions and Modules
March 5 Mark Branson Subroutines, Functions and Modules, continued
March 12 Mark Branson Modules continued, Kind & precision
March 19 SPRING BREAK No class
March 26 Don Dazlich File i/o including netcdf
April 2 Mark Branson Derived types and introduction to makefiles
April 9 Don Dazlich Optimization and debugging, numerical errors
April 16 Mark Branson Makefiles
April 23 Ross Heikes Pointers
April 30 Don & Ross Coding for multi-processor runs: parallelization, MPI, etc

2014 Class Notes

  • Don's Presentation from Class 10
  • Sample programs from class 10

  • Mark's Presentation from Class 11
  • Sample programs from class 11

  • Don's and Ross' Presentations from Class 12
  • Sample programs from class 12

  • Resources